Sage & Grace presents protected hair care choices for anticipating mothers

Organic salon Sage & Grace opened at 218 Shrewsbury Street six weeks ago.

One factor about being a pregnant woman is that individuals have a number of opinions on my physique. I’ve seen that if I wait within the Honey Farms checkout line lengthy sufficient, strangers will take it upon themselves to inform me what I must be placing in my physique and on my physique.

Right here’s the place I stand. Until your title is Justin Randall Timberlake, I don’t want you to inform me the right way to rock my physique and I particularly don’t want you to the touch my physique with out permission. Please let me purchase my cheddar cheese Combos and eat them in peace.

I’ve taken sure prenatal restrictions extra significantly than others. For instance, occasional morsels of unpasteurized cheese have handed by means of my lips during the last eight months. “Simply fake I’m a French girl,” I instruct any involved events in my presence. However, I abstain from uncooked fish, alcohol, chilly cuts, and steadiness beams. I’ve even delay going to the salon since I discovered I used to be pregnant. of life/columns/2022/04/29/sarah-connell-sanders-sage-grace-offers-safe-hair-care-options-expecting-moms/7433675001/