Sage & Grace offers safe hair care options for expecting moms

One thing about being a pregnant lady is that people have lots of opinions on my body. I’ve noticed that if I wait in the Honey Farms checkout line long enough, strangers will take it upon themselves to tell me what I should be putting in my body and on my body.

Here’s where I stand. Unless your name is Justin Randall Timberlake, I don’t need you to tell me how to rock my body and I especially don’t need you to touch my body without permission. Please let me buy my cheddar cheese Combos and eat them in peace.

I’ve taken certain prenatal restrictions more seriously than others. For example, occasional morsels of unpasteurized cheese have passed through my lips over the last eight months. “Just pretend I’m a French woman,” I instruct any concerned parties in my presence. Nevertheless, I abstain from raw fish, alcohol, cold cuts, and balance beams. I have even put off going to the salon since I found out I was pregnant.