Probi and Symrise launch unique skin care postbiotic

The active ingredient was developed using a sustainable by-product (Lactobacillus Ferment)​ derived from the bacteria Lactiplantibacillus plantarum​ during fermentation.

The resulting supernatant – or fermentation broth – is suitable for skin care applications and contains health-promoting micronutrients, including amino acids, proteins, minerals, and organic acids.

Launched earlier this month under the Symrise brand, SymFerment, the ingredient is the culmination of “strong collaboration based on principles that deliver the key to our product development like sustainability and innovation”​, according to Symrise Global Product Manager, Léa Schmidt.

Sustainable cosmetics

Schmidt maintains that t​he skin microbiome has become a major field of scientific endeavour as consumers increasingly demand sustainable cosmetic products, which is “why sustainability always forms the heart of our product development efforts.”

The novel upcycling process constitutes a high degree of efficacy, while also enabling Symrise to reduce its impact on the environment, she says.

“Thanks to the partnership with Probi, we can use valuable by-products from the production of probiotics to create effective ingredients.

This allows us to expand our portfolio of sustainable cosmetics, which consumers are increasingly demanding, while we assume responsibility for our society and planet.”

Environmental synergies

Probi has been collaborating with Symrise since 2019 but this latest project represents a “completely new venture​” that expedites the biotech’s own sustainability targets: to eventually convert all usable by-products from fermentation into useful products for customers.