Pasadena Weight Loss Center helps seniors get active | Feature Stories

Healthy living is sometimes hard to keep up, but that’s where Dr. Claude Matar and his staff at Pasadena Weight Loss Center come in. 

They help those older than 50 regain control. 

“(The business) began when most of my clients at the South Pasadena Center for Health needed weight loss services,” Matar said. 

“I realized that they were more interested in weight loss than their own health. I thought I would create a weight loss center where they can get the weight loss piece, but also get their health piece. It’s never been just a weight loss center.” 

After 26 years at the 744 N. Lake Avenue location, Pasadena Weight Loss Center moved to a larger facility at 600 S. Lake Avenue on May 11. 

“We arranged a new location in terms of build out and remodeling in a fashion that makes (the services we offer) more accessible,” Matar said. “It’s a well-designed, well laid out space. In the old place, things were scattered all over the place.”

Matar added the new location comes with abundant parking and is on the first floor. At the center, Matar offers a Fit 50 program, which attracts many of his prior patients who returned when they retired. 

“They joined the program because they want to build better health so they can enjoy their retirement,” Matar said. “When they get to my office, they are very unhealthy.”

Clients like this focused too much on their family and career and less on their health. When they retired, they couldn’t enjoy their free time because of being out of shape, Matar said. 

“I took that situation which happened very frequently in my office to heart, and I decided that instead of building a general weight loss program that works for anybody, because we personalize the program to that person’s needs anyway, I would build a program that specializes in those over 50,” Matar said. “The population that we service is primarily between 55 and 65.”


Before you go

Matar said first-time clients need to understand that weight loss or achieving optimal weight is a foundation for good health. 

“It is for someone who’s serious about regaining their health, preventing disability, preventing chronic disease, reversing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and so forth. And setting the stage correctly for longevity. Longevity in a sense where you don’t just live longer, you live a very healthful, longer life.”

Matar, his coaches and trainers customize the program for each individual. When clients sign up for the program, they go through several tests.

“We get to really understand their fitness level, their lung capacity, their oxygenation level, their body composition, the amount of fat in the body and the percentage of fat and the amount of protein and muscle and the percentage of that where fat and muscle are distributed in the body,” Matar said.

“We do a whole-body scan so we can get even more information and that allows us — because we do this every month and the body composition every week — to get updated on the progress and to see what programs are producing what kind of progress for that one individual and then adjust accordingly.”

When clients start working out with Pasadena Weight Loss Center’s trainers and coaches, they can take advantage of the post-recovery system to help with circulation and lactic acid elimination, Matar said.

“We have a post-workout recovery system because when you get older it may take you days before you can recover from your exercise,” Matar explained. “That’s not good because you need to exercise frequently to get results.”

Posture correction is also offered because those who do not work out correctly will not build the right muscle groups, Matar said. 

An additional service that the program offers is posture correction.

“We evaluate your posture and then we give you correction sessions for the areas that need attention,” he said.

If needed, staff will assist clients in stretching to increase the range of motion, as well as functional training. Matar explains his staff is educated beyond the typical personal trainer. At Pasadena Weight Loss Center, a master’s degree in kinesiology, sports medicine or exercise science is the minimum requirement. Once they’re hired, staff members read a 600-page operations manual. 

“Those trainers that join our program have to pass that course and they’re trained really well, and it shows in terms of results (in our clients),” he said.


Free interest service

Prospective clients are welcome to learn more about the program with its free interest service. 

“They get to see and experience everything we offer for free, and they get full testing and a full program and there’s no obligation to do anything,” Matar said. “It’s very hard to explain what we do on paper.

“That’s why we do this two-hour free consultation with demonstration and testing that we offer to anybody. This will help them really get to evaluate our services for themselves and decide if we’re a good fit for each other.”

Personal training sessions start at $39.95 per session, which includes adaptative resistance exercise, range-of-motion flexibility, cardio peak training, functional training, assisted stretching, posture correction and post-workout pressotherapy.

Personal coaching and advanced testing start at $59.95 per session, which includes nutrition counseling, stress guidance, sleep coaching, 3D full-body scan, body composition analysis, heart fitness test and functional movement screen.

“As you can see, this is not just a private gym,” Matar said. “It’s so much more.”

Pasadena Weight Loss Center

600 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 101, Pasadena