Ideas, Method, Appropriate Type, Variations and Advantages

Crossover crunches, additionally referred to as cross-body crunches, are beginner-level abs workout routines that work in your entrance belly muscle groups and assist construct a powerful core.

This train additionally works in your aspect abs and helps you’re feeling extra pulled in at your waist. Crossover crunches have a barely decrease impression in your physique in comparison with workout routines reminiscent of sit-ups and push-ups, however they’re efficient in managing again ache. Performing this train requires the identical vary of movement as a bicycle or primary crunch, permitting you to crunch and twist your abs and attain your proper elbow to your reverse knee.

You could add crossover crunches to your power coaching exercise for a stronger and tighter midsection. When carried out accurately, this core-strengthening train may be very efficient.

Easy methods to do crossover crunches? Appropriate kind and approach

Step-by-step directions:

To carry out this train, you could use a yoga mat, or just do it on the ground.

  • Lie down in your again on a flat floor, along with your ft flat on the ground and your knees bent. Put each your palms behind your head and your elbows flared out.
  • Cross your left ankle over your proper knee.
  • Contract your stomach, exhale slowly, and lift your higher physique off the ground, similar to you do in a primary crunch.
  • Slowly twist your torso to your left, squeeze your abs, and produce your proper elbow to your left knee until they arrive shut to one another.
  • Reverse your twist, and breathe simply as you decrease your higher physique again to the ground.
  • Repeat the identical on the opposite aspect, and do your required repetitions.

Here is a video of the essential crossover crunch:


Few advantages of crossover crunches:

When carried out accurately and within the appropriate kind, crossover crunches are a productive ab train with wonderful advantages:

1) Crossover crunches assist tone and strengthen your core muscle groups

Whether or not you wish to get six-pack abs or construct your core power, incorporating crossover crunches into your health routine can have a constructive impression. This train may also help develop the power and endurance wanted to carry out different ab exercises reminiscent of sit-ups and planks.

2) They’re a low-intensity full-body exercise

Aside from being an efficient core strengthening train, crossover crunches may also be termed a full-body exercise, as they aim your hip flexors, decrease again and glutes.

3) They are often simply achieved at residence

One other nice benefit of crossover crunches is that they’re a very simple train and may be achieved within the consolation of your house. Other than a yoga mat or carpet, this train requires no different particular tools.

Some variations:

There are completely different variations of crossover crunches you can carry out, relying in your health stage and power.

1) Modify your hand place

The essential crossover crunches require you to maintain your hand behind your head, however if you wish to change this place, you could put your fingers on the aspect of your head and behind your ears. You can even put the fingertips of 1 hand on the aspect of your head, and flare out the opposite arm to your aspect, in order that they’re perpendicular to your physique.

2) Modify your leg place

To change your leg place, don’t cross your ankle over your knee. This place is useful you probably have a decrease again or knee difficulty. Simply put each your ft on the mat, and if you twist to the aspect, carry your reverse knee to your elbow, and go away your different leg on the ground.

3) BOSU Ball crossover crunch

This variation requires you to make use of a BOSU ball beneath your torso that forces your core to keep up a correct steadiness all through the train, thereby strengthening and tightening your stabiliser muscle groups. To carry out this variation:

  • Lie down with a BOSU ball beneath your torso, simply alongside the curve of the center of your backbone.
  • Do the same old crunches whereas sustaining a correct steadiness.
  • Full the identical variety of repetitions on each side.


Widespread errors

To take most benefit of crossover crunches and stop any kind of ache in your decrease again, keep away from these errors whereas performing this train.

  • When doing crossover crunches, don’t pull your neck up. Keep area between your chest and chin, and raise your higher physique off the ground in a managed method.
  • Keep hip place, and don’t raise your pelvis off the bottom.
  • When reducing your higher physique, don’t simply fall again on the mat. As an alternative, interact your core as you raise your physique, and maintain it engaged as you decrease down.
  • Align your breath with every motion, and don’t cease respiratory.
  • When doing crossover crunches, don’t transfer quick, and carry out the train speedily. That may enhance your danger of ache, whereas additionally lowering the productiveness of the train.
  • Begin with just a few reps, and as you acquire power, enhance the reps regularly. Doing fewer crossover crunches with appropriate kind is more practical than doing many reps with unstable kind.


Crossover crunches are beginner-level workout routines you can carry out simply so long as your kind is appropriate. Nevertheless, in the event you’ve had any surgical procedure or damage up to now involving your again, arms, hips or neck, you could wish to keep away from this train.