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Coarse hair is a hair kind with hair strands which can be thicker and bigger in diameter than different hair varieties.

Coarse hair could also be a characteristic of hair that’s straight, wavy, curly, or coiled. It tends to be stronger than different hair varieties, however additionally it is much less pliable, and extra vulnerable to dryness and break up ends.

Understanding one’s hair kind can assist an individual select merchandise that finest swimsuit the distinctive wants of their hair. Correctly caring for coarse hair can yield thick, voluminous, healthy-looking hair.

This text describes what coarse hair is, and the way it differs from thick hair. We then present 10 suggestions that may assist an individual correctly take care of and handle coarse hair. Lastly, we reply some often requested questions on this hair kind.

Dermatologists and hairstylists outline coarse hair as strands with bigger widths or diameters than common. It’s typically the strongest, however least pliable hair kind.

Like different hair varieties and textures, having coarse hair hyperlinks to an individual’s genetics. Nevertheless, an individual who doesn’t have naturally coarse hair might develop it on account of:

Coarse hair requires extra oil than the scalp can produce. The thickness of every strand additionally signifies that it takes longer for the oil to soak up into the hair shaft. Because of this, coarse hair is extra vulnerable to:

  • dropping moisture quicker
  • feeling barely tough
  • dry or break up ends

Coarse hair requires further moisture to make sure every particular person hair strand will get correct hydration and conditioning.

A easy take a look at an individual can carry out to know if they’ve coarse hair is to take a single strand and roll it between their fingers. If the strand feels stable and thick, it’s coarse. In distinction, skinny hair is tough to really feel.

When describing hair, folks typically use the phrases “coarse” and “thick” interchangeably. Nevertheless, these phrases describe totally different traits of the hair.

Coarse hair describes the thickness of particular person hair strands. Thickness refers back to the density or the variety of hair follicles on the scalp. Having thick hair merely implies that an individual has extra hair on their head.

Each individual has a mixture of various hair varieties and densities. Understanding which mixture an individual has can assist them create an efficient hair care routine.

Beneath are 10 suggestions that may assist an individual correctly take care of and handle coarse hair.

1. Choose shampoo specifically formulated for coarse hair

In contrast with different hair varieties, coarse hair is extra vulnerable to dryness and growing break up ends.

An individual might think about using a moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t include drying components like parabens and sulfates. This may stop frizz and keep the integrity of the hair shaft to scale back the chance of breakages.

2. Use conditioning merchandise

Individuals with coarse hair usually profit from moisturizing merchandise, corresponding to conditioning lotions, oils, or serums.

Conditioning merchandise assist the outer a part of the hair shaft or “cuticle” stay closed to assist retain moisture inside the hair shaft. Utilizing oils can assist seal in moisture and complement the restricted oil provide from the scalp.

Serums and leave-in conditioning lotions also can assist management frizz and make the hair extra manageable.

Learn extra about house treatments for dry hair right here.

3. Attempt deep conditioning hair masks and sizzling oil remedies

Not like common conditioners, hair masks include nourishing components in richer concentrations. They penetrate deep contained in the hair shaft and go away hair feeling mushy and easy.

Merchandise that include the next components could possibly be good selections for coarse hair:

Scorching oil remedies also can assist cut back frizz and dryness. Usually, an individual might need to think about using a hair masks or incorporating sizzling oil remedy as soon as per week. Nevertheless, an individual with hair in want of moisture and restore might use them twice per week.

4. Attempt co-washing

Co-washing entails washing the hair with a conditioner as a substitute of a shampoo. This helps rinse out filth whereas preserving the hair moisturized. It might assist enhance the feel and softness of coarse hair.

5. Keep away from alcohol-based merchandise

Alcohol is an ingredient in most hair care merchandise. Whereas these merchandise can quickly tame the hair, most dry the hair out.

Nevertheless, some kinds of alcohol are protected for the hair. Stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol are fatty alcohols that producers use as emollients. They act just like the physique’s pure lipids.

6. Eat a nutritious eating regimen

Consuming a well-balanced eating regimen wealthy in nutritional vitamins and vitamins can boost hair development and strengthen hair strands.

An individual might add the next meals to their eating regimen to assist nourish coarse hair:

Nutritional vitamins which can be essential for hair well being embody:

7. Use a silk pillowcase

The graceful, frictionless texture of silk can assist defend hair from additional injury and tangles.

Silk pillowcases are additionally extra mild than cotton and don’t take up moisture, permitting the hair to retain its oil and shine. Nevertheless, you will need to make sure that the material is manufactured from pure silk versus “silk-like” supplies.

8. Restrict styling

Frequent use of heated styling instruments, styling merchandise, and harsh chemical substances like dyes and bleaches can strip the hair of its moisture. This can lead to the hair changing into dry and brittle.

A 2021 research review discovered that chemical hair straighteners may cause:

  • injury to hair shafts
  • hair loss
  • alterations in hair coloration and composition

Hair relaxers are additionally related to unwanted effects affecting the scalp, corresponding to:

Furthermore, overusing warmth styling instruments like irons, blowers, and curlers also can take away the hair’s moisture, making it dry, frizzy, and brittle.

If an individual can’t keep away from utilizing styling instruments on their hair, it can be crucial that they restrict styling time as a lot as attainable. Different suggestions embody:

  • making use of a warmth protectant to the hair
  • preserving the dryer no less than 6 inches away from the hair
  • stopping the dryer from remaining on the identical spot for too lengthy

9. Use the correct brush

Some folks with coarse hair report that brushing their hair whereas moist prevents frizziness and tangles as soon as their hair dries. Nevertheless, a 2017 research review famous that combing damp hair could also be extra damaging, and steered that individuals comb the hair from root to tip when dry.

Combing can assist unfold the hair’s pure oils to the hair suggestions, serving to to maintain it moisturized.

Extensive-toothed combs and brushes with rounded suggestions might assist defend the hair whereas styling, whereas nylon bristle brushes can assist detangle coarse hair. The comb kind and measurement rely upon an individual’s hair thickness or density.

10. Commonly trim the hair

Coarse hair is vulnerable to breakage and break up ends. Trimming the hair each 7–8 weeks can take away broken hair, making it simpler to handle. It might additionally make the hair seem more healthy and shinier.

Beneath are among the most typical questions and solutions about coarse hair:

What’s coarse hair a symptom of?

An individual might develop coarse hair because of the next:

  • repeated publicity to environmental elements, corresponding to ultraviolet rays or humidity
  • hormonal modifications on account of being pregnant, menopause, or taking oral contraception
  • taking sure medicines, corresponding to steroids
  • the pure ageing course of

How do you deal with coarse hair?

The next can assist an individual correctly take care of and handle coarse hair:

  • utilizing conditioning and moisturizing merchandise tailor-made to coarse hair
  • avoiding merchandise and grooming habits that will additional dry out the hair
  • consuming a nutrient-rich eating regimen

Coarse hair refers to a hair kind that’s thicker and wider in diameter than common. This hair kind happens in several ethnicities. An individual can have coarse hair that’s straight, wavy, curly, or coiled.

Coarse hair is vulnerable to dryness, brittleness, and breakage. Individuals with coarse hair can take steps to correctly nourish, take care of, and handle their hair to keep up its well being and look. This contains utilizing hair care merchandise tailor-made to coarse hair, and avoiding styling merchandise or habits that will improve dryness.